Other Works

Fundamental Sculpture
Blood On The Canvas
A poster with the words "The blood on the canvas" along the top and "after a match" along the bottom. The text is in a traditional meme font.The poster is splattered with red paint.
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When discussing abstract expressionism during a lecture, Rodger Stevens described the process as, "The blood on the canvas after a match." This is a visual embodiment of this violent and personal exchange between an artist and their work.

The Painter: Igal Maoz

While sitting alone at the park, 93 year old painter, Igal Maoz sat next to me. I asked him, "Are you an expert on anything?" He responded, "I am an expert on everything." This is our conversation.

Public Domain

All media in this video resides in the public domain and thus is owned by the public. This is an homage to the diverse population that it belongs to.

Radio Operations

60 second clip of radio operations between guides and rangers looking for wildlife in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve.

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